IEEE-Amity School Of Engineering And Technology Benefits Of Our Generosity

Assuming that you have already looked up the "official" benefits on the ieee website (Global Benefits Finder), quite a lot depends on how active is the ieee student branch member is. And mostly it depends on how you want to derive benefits out of it. We have listed a few on top of our views.

  1. Student Network :
    Helps you get in touch with a lot of talented people in various fields and not just your own. (You never know when you need a web/app developer's advice). Also further down the road, when all of you would be on your way, there would be much more connection than just DCE (institute name) alumni
  2. Head Fake Learning :
    By organizing events / membership drive - you learn(&implement !) other things which you might have not really followed even after attending an hour-long session(lecture/talk) on. Things like leadership, patience, perseverance, felicitation, street-smartness and a lot more. Why head fake ? You were set out to do a task but never had a primary intention to learn any of the above. You just happen to pick 'em up along the way. Isn't that the best way to learn.
  3. SIG(Special Interest Groups) :
    A crucial part of Student Branch Activities. As a member, you can practically start a group on anything that excites you and even a few others - competitive programming, web development, open source, robotics, MATLab, Designing ; although mostly they are encouraged to be technical. There is no such compulsion. They help you find your interest or even co-founders to your start-up idea or feedback on current technologies. Such a head-start is needed.
    1. These are mostly the non-technical side of it. Although there many benefits on technical front even for an undergrad (learning resources/ insights from IEEE Gold members/ discounts to conferences/ free Microsoft software etc.), let us know if you want us to elaborate on that aspect.